Spirit of the brand

Taiwanese tea perfectly resembles the people of this island. They are both simple and reserved, but at the same time, possess many different characteristics. Sometimes they are free and refreshing, and other times they are mature and solid. Most importantly, they always make people enchanted after their first encounters, just like the lingering sweetness that you taste after drinking a bottle of great tea.Nothing Tea uses the top-quality tea leaves from Bakei River in Nantou County, and the award-winning tea master endows a deep aroma to them. Coupling with the fresh mountain spring water from Nantou, they form the golden ratio for cold-brewing. This is the secret recipe of Nothing Tea's unique aroma and delicate taste. The tranquility extended from the color of the tea creates a natural coordination between the smell, the temperature and the color.

「 Tea-Serving 」 culture -

Taiwanese people are known for their islanders' hospitality, as they can always shorten the distance between them and travelers through their hospitality. Just like the common tea-serving culture that exists in every corner of Taiwan, Taiwanese people care about feeling and warmth. Tea is not only a delicate representation of color, smell and taste, but it also creates warmth.The tea-serving culture represents the spirit of dedication in early days Taiwan. The simple act of offering passersby a cup of tea resembles Taiwanese people's selflessness and hospitality. The spirit of tea-serving is a way to bring the beauty of traditional culture back to life, and Nothing Tea hopes to create the bond between people through the aroma from a cup of tea

Back Story

Nothing Tea's founder, Cheng-Chih Lin, loves Taiwnaese tea with a passion. He believes that if coffee can be promoted globally, we definitely should let the world learn about the beauty of Taiwanese tea. In order to give more people easy access to top quality tea from Taiwan, Lin founded Nothing Tea. In addition to the top quality tea leaves and spring water, Lin also adopts a strict standard for Nothing Tea's manufacturing process. In order to create closer bonds with people, Nothing Cold-Brewed Tea has a very simple packaging and customer-friendly price. After series of food scandals in Taiwan, Lin hopes to give people a better eating habit through a bottle of top quality tea.

Lin is also a pious follower of Mazu, one of the most popular goddess in Taiwan's local religion. He respects the spirit of humbleness and dedication resembled by Mazu, and he even takes part in the annual Mazu pilgrimage. Lin met his partner Eric Dewit in 2015. Dewit grew up in Puli with his Taiwanese aboriginal mother, and moved to the Netherlands with his dad when he was 14. Immersed in the aroma of floral tea in Europe, Dewit never forgot about the uniqueness of Taiwanese teas. Lin and Dewit got off to a perfect start and they became companions during the annual Mazu pilgrimage. Through the guidance of Lin, Dewit learned about Taiwan's tea-serving culture. In addition to being impressed by the lingering sweetness of Taiwan's cold-brewed tea, Dewit also becomes deeply obsessed with Taiwan's tea leaves and unique culture.

As the tea-serving culture enlightens Dewit's love for Taiwanese tea, he visited all majors tea farms in Taiwan with Lin, and made it his mission to experience the pure taste of Taiwanese tea and the warmth of this island.

Nothing tea

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