Learning about Dedication with Mazu:

How Does Tea-Serving Helps Us See a Different Taiwan



Mazu, also known as the Holy Mother in the Sky, celebrates her birthday in March on Taiwan’s lunar calendar. In order to commemorate this day, Zheng-Lan Temple in Dajia, Taichung City, will hold an annual pilgrimage. Also founded in Taichung, Nothing Tea Inc. has been taking part in this nine-day pilgrimage. The entire route of the pilgrimage is 330 km long, and it passes through Taichung City, Changhua County, Yunlin County, and Chiayi county. Nothing Tea Inc. will set up tea-serving area at several major intersections and fulfill the spirit of dedication resembled by Mazu through serving refreshing cold-brewed teas to pious followers.



Nothing Tea’s founders, Cheng-Chih Lin and Eric Dewit, also participate in the 9-day pilgrimage and make many like-minded friends who are also pious followers of Mazu. There are no shortage of foreign participants like Eric, and they are able to learn about Taiwan’s tea-serving culture and folk religion through a cup of excellent cold-brewed tea.



Tea-serving is not only one of Taiwan’s unique cultures, but it also represents Taiwanese people’s hospitality, the spirit of selfless dedication and mutual assistance. Just like when we drink a bottle of refreshing cold-brewed tea under the scorching sun, we can also feel the warm hospitality.


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