How does dedication to tea-making lead to a high quality product?


Inspired by the tea-serving culture in Taiwan and his passion for tea, a dutch visitor goes to different tea farms in Taiwan and decides to channel the warmth he felt in Taiwan to the development of a unique kind of Taiwanese tea.

Nothing Tea’s commitment to tea

The award-winning tea master endows a deep aroma to Nothing’s top quality tea leaves through their delicate methods of deep fermentation. Coupling with the fresh mountain spring water from Nantou, they form the golden ratio for cold-brewing.



The award-winning tea master supervise the fermentation process by himself, and handpick top quality tea leaves from high mountain tea farms.

The golden ratio for cold-brewing formed by the top quality mountain spring water from Puli not only offers a refreshing taste and recurring sweetness, but also reduces tea’s stimulation to customers’ stomach.


After several rounds of high temperature fermentation, it endows a multi-layer aroma to the Oolong tea. As for the lightly fermented green tea, it inherits a refreshing sweetness.


Tea is Taiwan’s poetic sentiment to this piece of land, so when you have nothing to do, it is the best time to drink a bottle of cold-brew tea.

Nothing tea

manufacturer:Nothing Drink Corp.

address:No.153, Wuchang Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

phone:04-22926677 0963-923153


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